MOGA E MAGO: Rebellion and Magic.

Sacral glory – transported by tactile luxury goods of the highest artistic value.

MOGA E MAGO are Elisa Lindenberg and Tobias Noventa. Together, the rebel and the magician create eccentric insignia for modern icons.

Lindenberg’s insurgent craving for new shapes, bound with Noventa’s contemplative constructivism expand our reality through daringly original aesthetics.

They met in 2007 in the most creative underground of the eternal city Rome. Lindenberg studied fashion design at Rome’s Istituto Europeo di Design; Noventa, who studied decoration at the famed Accademia di Belle Arti, was one of the creative heads of the design team behind the Italian fashion label Miss Sixty.

Magically inspired by Rome’s arcane splendid decadence, they relocated to forward-thinking Berlin to establish MOGA E MAGO in 2010.

MOGA E MAGO’s aesthetics manifest the magnificence of elusive and ephemeral psychedelic worlds. Brightly coloured furs and metallic leather become light carriers for the duo’s visions, projected from their inner magic lantern outward onto the frame of reality, where the blinding explosions of colour and light of these other worlds are summoned and made perceivable to everyone.

Modern icons, adorned in MOGA E MAGO’s collections of unique quality and perfection in handicraft, stride through our 21st century od(d)yssey.