• Autumn Winter 2013

    For this season, Aurora Borealis, Moga E Mago follow a glass-skinned winter goddess through surreal nordic scenery, enlightened by psychedelically blazing polar lights and golden stars.
    The colourful veil of the aurora borealis is epically blazing under the mystical depth of an inky polar sky. The mood of the light is fluctuating from cheerful abandon to gripping drama. Psychedelic and colourful polar lights are caressing the glassy skin of a Moga E Mago winter goddess who seems to have captured them in her bewitching, brightly coloured fox-cape. Her inky dress is absorbing our minds. Her hands and arms are covered in black leather. Our gaze is imprisoned by golden rivets decorating her shoulders like caged stars. Magical structures, shaped like air molecules, unseen before, are breaking our reality like the air molecules in the sky are breaking up the light to the unrecognizable wonder of Aurora Borealis.
    Aurora Borealis focuses on eccentric bright furs, embracing the psychedelic colours of the natural phenomenon of the northern lights. Finely embroidered evening gowns as mystic as the black depths of a nordic polar night and deep black leather pieces adorned with air-molecule- structures and intricate leather chains connected by golden rivets sparkling like stars at the dark, clear and freezing winter sky, complete the new Moga E Mago collection.

    photography ralf schmerberg, styling and make up yeorg kronnagel, model megg morales